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Anonymous said: <an arashi confession> What I like the most in Arashi ni shiyagare are the talk sessions. Too bad only a few are getting subbed and people like me can't enjoy it to its fullest because of limited knowledge in the language

i am sorry this is a confession that goes to an arashi confession blog? not drama confessions? :3 i think there is a blog for that so 

Anonymous said: I want to bang Abe Hiroshi even though he's probably around my dad's age.

i am sorry, this is not a dirty confessions blog O.O

and i am sorry…

I am sorry to all my followers who are expecting from me to post confessions however, i no longer have any confessions left to post and so I do not make new things which makes me sad because I liked keeping this blog for all the asian drama fans. 

As long as i do not have any new confessions I cannot make anything. so if any of you have watched a drama recently and you wish to confess about it. I am here.

On a side note i will change the template of how I do the confessions so expect something new.


mei xoxoxo

@my followers

i am finally back from my vacations 

and my ask box is open again to any confessions you might have to make ^ω^

ps: gifs not mine <3 thanks to the makers of bakaleya gifs :3